Paper Bag A to Z Printing & Designing

Paper Bag Manufacturing and Printing

Our Paper bags are made of high-quality paper which has tremendous strength and appeal. At Lilly printographs, we provide you with the best in class printing to distinguish your brand from the rest. Our paper bags come with a range of handle options, varying from paper twist handle, flat fold handles, rope handles to D-punch handles. The bags have square bottom base and side gusset for great carrying capacity. Customization option is available based on customer requirements.

Process Of Paper Bag Manufacturing

Raw material:

The required paper, based on the client's order of color, texture, and size, is bought and prepped for manufacture. If any printing needs to be done on the bag, it is done in this stage.

Paper Sheering:

The prepped sheets of paper are now arranged one on top of the other and are cut in accordance with the sizes specified by the customer. It is at this stage that the shape and design of the paper bag are decided and implemented.

Eyelet punching:

After the sheering stage, it is now time to decide on the handles of the paper bag. If the paper bag is going to have rope handles, then the bag will need eyelets to be attached, which is done in this stage. Else, if the bag is going to have cut out holes as handles, that too is done in this stage.

Paper creasing:

To make it easier for further folding and sticking of the various parts of the bag, the sheered paper is creased. It ensures uniformity in further folding, sticking and assembling of the bags.

Hard press:

Sometimes, clients need their bags to be sturdy and strong. This requires sheets of paper to be stuck together to make the paper bag thicker. It is done in the hard-pressing stage, where glue is applied between the layers, and they are machine pressed together to ensure clean and durable sticking.

Folding, Sticking, and Finishing:

We have now reached the final stages of the manufacturing process. All the independently processed parts of the bags, like the front and back sleeves, the side flaps, etc., are all placed together, folding and stuck along the creases, and the finishing touches, like adding the rope handles is done. This stage marks the end of the manufacture of paper bags.

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Standard Paper Bag Sizes (in inches)

# Size Customization Printing
1 12X16X4 Available Available
2 12X14X3 Available Available
3 10X9X3 Available Available
4 13X17X5 Available Available
5 17.5X13X4 Available Available
6 14X10X3 Available Available
7 12X15X4 Available Available
8 13X10X3.5 Available Available
9 9X13X8 Available Available
10 7.5X9X6 Available Available