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With Gods Abundant Grace, Lilly printographs started by Mr. V. Sathasivam as a small designing center in September 24 2004. We created world class designs for many printing companies in and around Sivakasi. Day by day our designing business grown well among customers. We got repeating clients from other districts around Tamil Nadu, Nearby states such as Kerala, Andhra, Hyderabad and more., In certain stage our customers requested us to complete the printing process too. In 2010 we had to buy a 20x30 color machine for printing process. After this stage our brand designing went to next level of printing for carton box, Labels, Stickers, Notices, Hand held Bills, Flyers, Wall-Posters and etc.

In 2014 we started paper bag production for our customer, our paper bags are made in Highest grade quality. Our Paper bag quality and design reputation grown day by day. It helped our business to get orders from norther part of India. In 2017 to upgrade our bag design quality we imported two MITSUBISHI DAIYA OFFSET PRINTING 28x40 size CPC color machine from Japan. For paper bag orders we are completing the start to end process such as Brand Designing, printing, punching, pasting for our customers. So that our customers can get the complete bag from one place. We are supplying paper bags for textiles, shopping malls, gift shops and many other places which are replacing their plastic bags for paper bags. We are printing paper bag for other paper bag manufacturing company located around TamilNadu, Kerala and some other states.

We are specialized in designing and printing for all kinds of business sectors such as brochure, label, stickers, carton box, posters, calendar, diary and much more. We are providing Quality service at cheaper rates without middle man or agents.

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